Lachlan Humphreys, Australian artist, born in Sydney Australia, and raised in the High Lands of Papua New Guinea, spending time in Sydney, Canberra and North East Coast of New South Wales (Lennox Head). My life has always been on the move, from one place to the next. I have a love for nature, the ocean and mountains which brings me security. Living in cities reminds me of where I would prefer to be or to not and brings structure to my life and structure to my paintings.

I finishing my BA Visual Arts in 2003 and came to realise my art is reflecting my transient life as I move through this world which I see as a changing environment picture. . The last 7 years have been spent traveling and exhibiting art in Europe returning each year for a few months to Sydney. Taking time out to complete Dip of Education in 2008. The Alps of France (Chamonix) becoming my second home to Australia. The snow and cold becoming as important as the sun and sandy beaches.

The landscape contrast becomes the focus point in subject and the expressive act of painting allows me to release a feeling or tell a story. Each time I live in small town communities and return to busy city’s it the street structures and buildings grab my attention and draw my inspiration to paint lines and structures. The landscape is in constant change and is always being rebuilt and redefined. There’s always an exciting shape cast from a shadow or silhouette of building from the sunset. The cities show many signals of beauty.

My new works are still to be posted onto the website.

Lachlan Humphreys 2010